About Shah Cement RMC

Quality construction relies on high-quality cement and on high-quality concrete. But to prepare concrete with all elements at a worksite is both troublesome and costly.To provide the customer with the best quality concrete, Shah Cement has its own mixing plant, which is equipped with modern PLC-based computer controlled program.


Shah Cement Ready-Mix Concrete, an associate of Shah Cement Industries Ltd. set up its first Ready-Mix Concrete plant at Gabtoli in April 2010. Today Shah Cement RMC has been recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of Ready-Mix Concrete in Bangladesh and producing quality concrete from its modern plants located in Gabtoli, Tongi,Vatara & Gazipur.

Our Production

Currently Shah Cement Ready-Mix Concrete has 6 batching plants equipped with latest modern technologies in Gabtoli, Tongi, Vatara and Gazipur.

Plants Location Capacity / Hour
Gabtoli-1 90m3
Gabtoli-2 150m3
Tongi 120m3
Bhatara 60m3
Gazipur- 2 120m3

Our Delivery Capacity: With 72 modern transit mixture trucks and 16 pumps with daily delivery capacity of 95000 CFT subject to construction site distance and other relevant issues. Minimum 5.5 cubic meters, 176 CFT to 8 cubic meters, 282 CFT of Ready Mix Concrete can be delivered by a transit mixer to the construction site while ensuring the quality of the concrete remains flawless.

Why Shah Cement Ready Mixed Concrete?

Ready-Mix concrete is a specialized concrete made from mixing cement, sand, crushed stone and water together with admixture. This manufactured concrete comes straight from the mixing plant in a freshly mixed and ready-to-use state via transit mixer truck. And it can be used for placing purposes immediately. Ready-Mix concrete is produced with ingredients that are measured to the right amount through automatic computer control, maintaining the quality and contents precisely.

 Computerized Guaranteed Quality
 American Concrete Institute (ACI) standard mix design
 Best Quality aggregates & other ingredients of concrete
 Maintaining exact mix ratio according to customer specification
 Superior pre-casting & post-casting services
 Flexible payment terms
 Capacity of large quantity delivery in a single day

Advantages of Ready-Mix Concrete


Pricing of Ready-Mix Concrete depends on several issues such as quantity requirement,stone,type,delivery site distance, concrete grade (PSI); Pump requirements, required aggregates etc. That’s why the final unit price will be offered after discussion with respective customers.

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