Need for different concrete compressive strength for a different purpose

Based on the structural importance /occupancy of a building or any constructions,different grades of concrete with specific compressive strength are needed. Compressive strength of concrete is important to determine the amount of load, a given structural member, such as a floor slab, beam, column or foundation can hold. The strength in concrete is expressed in PSI that signifies the amount of weight it can support.

Concrete grade with compressive strength of 2500 PSI is used for a less critical application like residential slabs or sidewalks. For midrise buildings, we usually use 3000-4000 PSI Strength. With the engineered design, mixes of over 6,000 PSI used in specialized applications. So there are many different types, strengths & compositions of concrete. Each with characteristics that makes them perform for  different applications.

A Customized Solution 

Keeping these factors in consideration, Shah Cement RMC offers the following grades of concrete to the valuable customers:

Shah Cement RMC delivers customized concrete product of its own mix confirmed by Global mix design as well global standard as “customers’ provided mix design”.

Ingredients of Shah Cement RMC:

 Cement: Cement Brand ‘Shah Cement’ is used exclusively in the production of Shah Cement Ready-Mix Concrete. Shah Cement has successfully aced the BUET test for the past 100 months.
 Fine Aggregate (Sand): Clean “Sylhet Sand” directly sourced from Sylhet which can be found in convenient sizes for mixing purposes.
 Coarse Aggregate (Stones): 100% “Boulder Crushed” imported stones from India & Oman alongside local Sylhet stone is used in the production of Shah Cement RMC according to customers’ specifications.
 Water: Freshwater from a deep tube well established in each plant is used in Shah Cement Ready-Mix Concrete.
 Chemical Admixture: For the purpose of super plasticizing and retarding, imported admixture from Germany & India is used in Shah Cement Ready-Mix Concrete.